Our experience and references

EKO-GEO Group has a large experience in field of preparing documents for EU funds and environmental & geology surveys. Within 7-years-existence on the market EKO-GEO Group has collaborated with many institutions: cities, communes and private companies. During this period we prepared about 1000 documents.

Assistance Funds

Thanks to our knowledge and experience more than 40 cities and communes managed to execute basic technical infrastructure projects, which were delayed because of lack of their own funds.

Feasibility Studies and Reports on Environmental Impact Assessment which were prepared by our specialists referred to infrastructure projects such as: construction and reconstruction of : roads, waste water treatment plant, water supply network, sanitary and storm water drainage system, reclamation of waste disposal sites.
The most important projects are:

  • Upgrading of Hajdów Sewage Treatment Plant of Municipal Water Supply and sewage disposal system company Ltd. In Lublin in terms of reduction of nutrients
  • Renovating the Old Town in Lublin
  • Construction of Hetman Ring Road in Zamość
  • S-19 route nothern outlet from Lublin
  • Development of Region for Economic Boost. Stage 1. Construction of Północna Street along with Below and Above Ground Furniture
  • Industrial Depot District Chełm
  • Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Town of Karczmiska
  • Construction of Water-pipe network in Zakrzew Borough

Informations about Environmental Protection, Geology and EU Funds studies, which were prepared by EKO-GEO team so far, You can see below in the table:

Environmental Protection and Geology studies EU Funds studies:

Cohesion Fund Integrated Regional Operational Programme Norwegian Financial Mechanism/ EEA Financial Mechanism Regional Operational Programmes

Excellent knowledge of international procedures of preparing and conducting investments enabled us during a few months (July - October 2002) to work out Tender Dossier for the following infrastructure projects co-financed with Phare Fund of total value 42 661 417 PLN (10 665 334 Euro):

  • S-19 route nothern outlet from Lublin
    Beneficiary: Lublin Municipality
  • Industrial Depot District Chełm
    Beneficiary: Chełm Municipality
  • Construction of Water-pipe network in Zakrzew Borough
    Beneficiary: Board of Zakrzew Borough
  • Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Town of Karczmiska
    Beneficiary: Board of Karczmiska Borough
  • Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Town of Huta Dąbrowa
    Beneficiary: Board of Krzywda Borough
Environmental Protection & Geology

Environmental Protection

Since 1996 Geology & Environmental Protection EKO-GEO has prepared several hundred surveys and reports in field of assessments of impact upon natural environment for the following investments:

  • petrol station - 150 documents,
  • waste disposal sites, dumping ground - 50 documents,
  • roads - 50 documents,
  • gas network - 30 documents
  • mines, deposit utilitisation, surveys of deposits - 40 documents,
  • factories, boiler rooms, terminals - 50 documents,
  • slaughter houses and pork-butcher's shops - 40 opracowań,
  • buildings, garages, breweries, halls, saloons - 80 documents,
  • waste water treatment plants - 66 documents,
  • other - 45 documents

We have also prepared 50 forecasts on impact upon natural environment, 9 ecological surveys i 50 surveys of surface water quality.


Until 2003 we have prepared about 280 dokuments and expertises in field of engineering geology, hydrogeology and deposit geology.

Other services

Until 2003 we have also prepared development strategies for :

  • Rejowiec Borough - July 2000
  • Siedliszcze Borough - March 2000
  • Izbica Borough - May 2001
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